Wire5® is a simple yet elegant solution to the problem of connecting multiple battery wires to a single terminal post.

Each pack comes with two connectors: one each to fit the positive and negative battery terminals.

Designed by the Wire5 Partnership in Bolton and precision machined in the UK, Wire5® provides a simple and safe method for quickly attaching and removing wires as needed.

Up to five wires may be attached to each battery terminal using these connectors, and installation takes just a few minutes:

Step 1:  Remove existing wires and attach Wire5® connectors to positive and negative battery terminals

Step 2:  Insert wires into clamp holes and tighten retaining screws with an Allen key. Note that a wide variation of wire sizes can be accommodated.


Wire5® is manufactured and marketed by
The Wire5 Partnership
37 Delph Lane, Ainsworth, Bolton BL2 5PP

Email enquiries to Mel Burns: melburns@go-plus.net


You can purchase Wire5® connectors using PayPal at £9.99 per pack of two (positive & negative) plus £1.50 delivery cost.

Click the button below then select the number of packs you need.

For large bulk orders please contact Mel Burns directly at the email address above.

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